3 Travel Podcasts You Need To Be Listening To

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Why Listen to Travel Podcasts?

Podcasts allow you to listen to new, useful information while you're doing tasks where you otherwise wouldn't be productive. This includes a wide range of activities: during your morning commute, while you're in the shower, or even while you're at your desk working. It's engaging, and often incredibly useful content that doesn't require the entirety of your attention like reading an article or watching a video. Therefore, you can maximize your time and fill your "dead time" with podcasts.

If you aren't listening to podcasts, I highly recommend you try them out, especially if you have a lengthy commute. I have condensed my favorite 3 travel podcasts into this guide, and while that doesn't seem like a lot, between the three of them, they have a backlog of over 700+ high quality episodes! If you somehow listen like a maniac through the 700+ podcast episodes, I have added a *bonus* podcast at the bottom.

Zero To Travel Podcast Logo

Zero To Travel Podcast is the logical first choice when you are looking for a high quality travel podcast. It will sate your hunger for travel inspiration and give you practical information on how to make travel a lifestyle. Jason Moore, the creator of Zero to Travel, has been traveling for over 20 years and has created a location independent lifestyle for himself that allows him to live and work from anywhere in the world. He draws on the vast travel experiences he has had in his own life as well as the experiences from guests he features on the show.

Most podcasts on Zero to Travel are interviews that Jason conducts with innovators in the travel sphere. The aim of these interviews is to teach listeners how to travel more and also to broaden their perceptions on what is possible in relations to travel and lifestyle. He features some truly unique people on his podcast who are equally inspirational as they are innovative in their approaches to travel.

The Zero to Travel has been running for 5 years and boasts an impressive backlog of over 290+ episodes. Dig into some of the episodes that interest you on iTunes and start learning how to travel more.

EPOP Travel Podcast Logo

The tagline for The Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast (abbreviated EPOP) is "Travel More, Spend Less". This is exactly what you'll learn when you browse through the backlog of episodes that has reached a number well over 300 episodes. Travis Sherry, the creator of EPOP, has been traveling for over 6 years with a strong focus on saving money through travel hacking.

Extra Pack of Peanuts started as a depository of mileage hacking information to help beginners and experts alike score free flights all around the world. Since then, it has turned into a much more complete landing pad for travel information while maintaining a budget centric attitude. The podcast is about a 50/50 split between episodes featuring Travis and his wife Heather and interviews with movers and shakers within the travel industry, as well as those who have attained location independence in a number of unique ways.

There are many similarities between EPOP and Zero to Travel, but the easiest way to break it down is EPOP is more focused on practical information you can learn to travel cheaper, more effectively, or to create a sustainable location independent business to travel endlessly. While Zero to Travel offers these topics as well, it is more focused on the travel mindset and the emotional side behind travel. Both podcasts are incredibly high quality, and complement each other well. They are both regular staples in my podcast queue.

Once you get your head into the travel game with Zero to Travel, come over to Extra Pack of Peanuts for some practical travel tips to help you "Travel More and Spend Less". Check out the podcast on iTunes.

The Budget-Minded Traveler Podcast Logo

The Budget-Minded Traveler Podcast shakes up the mold a bit; Jackie Nourse, the creator of the Budget-Minded Traveler, is a solo female traveler who transports you all over the world in her show. She covers the pros and cons of solo travel, how to stay on a budget while traveling, and unique travel experience interviews with people who are traveling and working all over the world.

The episodes are almost all interview based, with a very relaxed atmosphere. Jackie is able to extract amazing stories from her guests through her casual, easy going nature, and it makes for a very entertaining podcast that takes you to all corners of the globe. While it is very informative, the focus is more on the travel experience and the amazing locations that she and her guests have traveled to.

A great compliment to Jason and Travis, Jackie offers a unique perspective, and in the process is an influential source of inspiration for females looking to travel the world solo. They are actually all friends, so if you peruse the archives deep enough, you will find episodes of them interviewing each other. Pretty awesome!

Mix The Budget-Minded Traveler Episodes in when you need a fun, relaxed conversation that will take you to an incredible corner of the globe. Check out the podcast on iTunes.

Location Indie Logo

If you enjoyed both Zero to Travel and Extra Pack of Peanuts, then head over to the show Location Indie Podcast. Jason and Travis, the co-creators of the Location Indie community, host this podcast of over 100 episodes and dig in to all of the aspects that make the location independent lifestyle worthwhile. The podcast is only a small part of Location Indie; the community is made up of those who favor a location independent lifestyle and support each other along the journey.

The shows are set up as 30 minute, quick episodes and they even have a timer to keep them on schedule. A few of the episodes are "Member Spotlights" where they highlight an extraordinary member in the community and interview them, but most of the episodes are just Jason and Travis reflecting on location independence and the pros and cons of the lifestyle.

Whether you're interested in location independence or not, it's a travel-centric podcast offering a lot of great advice, and if you have invested time in Zero to Travel and Extra Pack of Peanuts podcasts, you will want to hear more from Jason and Travis. Check out the show on iTunes.

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