3 Days in Quito Ecuador

3 Days in Quito, Ecuador

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Before heading to Cuenca, Ecuador for a month, we took a long weekend trip to the capital city Quito, Ecuador. Between hiking to an active volcano and eating at restaurants with sweeping city views, we really enjoyed our few days in Quito. Below we will list our favorite activities, restaurants, and recommended accommodation. Activities in Quito, Ecuador Hiking to Rucu …

12 Best Things to do in Medellin Colombia

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1. Free Walking Tour of Downtown Medellin Taking the free walking tour of Downtown Medellin is a great place to start when visiting Medellin because it gives you a great introduction to some of the historic sites as well as the history of the city. Our guide for the tour was excellent, his name was German and he actually memorized …

A Vegetarian’s Guide to Medellin, Colombia

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We absolutely loved the vegetarian food in Medellin during our month staying in Laureles – a neighborhood that we would highly recommend staying in if you’re interested in heading to Medellin. As a consequence, most of the restaurants we list below are in or near Laureles. Almost all of the places we listed below we went back either a second …

The Ultimate Guide to the Lost City Trek in Colombia

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The Lost City Trek in Colombia is around 500 years older than Machu Picchu, steeped in culture, and is still relatively untouched by the effects of tourism. The reason for this is simple; Colombia was an incredibly dangerous place for many years, especially in the jungles of the Sierra Nevada. The Lost City or “Teyuna” is now the archaeological remains …

Moraine Lake 3 Days in Banff

3 Days in Banff National Park

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Banff National Park is one of the most scenic, natural places in the world. Between the stunning, bright blue lakes and the towering, snow capped mountain peaks, Banff National Park is a nature lover’s paradise. This three day itinerary is for the active adventurers who want to hike, kayak, and stand up paddleboard. Feel free to mix or match activities, …

Brewery and Restaurant Guide to Canmore, Canada

Canmore, Canada Brewery and Restaurant Guide

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Canmore is often overshadowed by the town of Banff due to its close proximity to so many amazing hikes, lakes, and ski slopes. However, Canmore is a hidden gem with incredible breweries and restaurants that can’t be overlooked. The town itself is charming and has a local, non-touristy atmosphere. If you decide to use Canmore as your jumping off point …

5 London Pubs for Different Occasions

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London pubs are some of the most well-renowned places to grab a beer in the world. Walking down any street in London comes with the inevitable encounters with multiple pubs, each with their own charming identity and character. When searching for the right place to grab a drink, it may be overwhelming to know where to begin. With a plethora …