3 Days in Quito Ecuador

3 Days in Quito, Ecuador

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Before heading to Cuenca, Ecuador for a month, we took a long weekend trip to the capital city Quito, Ecuador. Between hiking to an active volcano and eating at restaurants with sweeping city views, we really enjoyed our few days in Quito. Below we will list our favorite activities, restaurants, and recommended accommodation. Activities in Quito, Ecuador Hiking to Rucu …

Save Money on Airbnb

How to Save Money on Airbnb

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Ten years ago, if you were traveling to a new country and needed to find accommodation, you would have to find a hotel, hostel, bed and breakfast, or a home stay. Hotels and hostels were the most accessible options and definitely where the majority of travelers would end up. While that’s still the case, recently there has been a shift …

Brewery and Restaurant Guide to Canmore, Canada

Canmore, Canada Brewery and Restaurant Guide

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Canmore is often overshadowed by the town of Banff due to its close proximity to so many amazing hikes, lakes, and ski slopes. However, Canmore is a hidden gem with incredible breweries and restaurants that can’t be overlooked. The town itself is charming and has a local, non-touristy atmosphere. If you decide to use Canmore as your jumping off point …

5 London Pubs for Different Occasions

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London pubs are some of the most well-renowned places to grab a beer in the world. Walking down any street in London comes with the inevitable encounters with multiple pubs, each with their own charming identity and character. When searching for the right place to grab a drink, it may be overwhelming to know where to begin. With a plethora …

How to Learn a Second Language for Travel

How to Learn a Second Language for Travel

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The most disorienting aspect of travel, especially when visiting foreign countries is the language barrier that exists when you don’t know the local language. Traffic signs, menus, and food in the grocery store is all a cause for confusion, not to mention when you ask someone for help who doesn’t happen to speak your native language. Learning a second language can help mitigate these circumstances.

5 Lisbon Neighborhoods You Can't Miss

5 Lisbon Neighborhoods You Can’t Miss

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How to Decide Which Lisbon Neighborhoods to Explore Lisbon is an eclectic city with an incredibly rich culture and a very dynamic history. It is comprised on a series of neighborhoods, all of which are unique in their own ways and together tell the story of Lisbon. With so many neighborhoods to choose from, it’s difficult to prioritize which Lisbon …

How to Request Flight Credit for Trips in the Last Year

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Earn Flight Credit for Flights That You Have Taken in the Last 12 Months Have you taken any flights in the last year where you didn’t earn miles? If you have, you are able to earn flight credit in the form of miles for any of those flights on most airline rewards programs. Participating programs include United, American, and Southwest. …

The Best 5 Day Road Trip from Las Vegas

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Why You Should Take a Road Trip out of Las Vegas Las Vegas is an obvious destination for a bachelor party or a wild getaway, but it also functions as an incredible landing pad for a road trip. That being the case, we highly advise experiencing the “thrills” of Vegas AFTER the road trip, that way you aren’t feeling groggy …

Grand Canyon South Rim: The Ultimate Guide

Grand Canyon South Rim: The Ultimate Guide

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Grand Canyon South Rim Background Why is it so Popular? The Grand Canyon draws a stunning number of visitors per year, with a majority of them visiting the Grand Canyon South Rim, surpassing 6,250,000 people in 2017 which is an all-time record high. The park, which opened in 1919, has been visited by 211,000,000 people since its inception close to …

Two Days in Zion National Park

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Two Days in Zion Zion National Park is a site to be seen in Utah; the scenery is marvelous and the hikes are even better. It is a must do if you’re going to be in the Southwest and we will tell you how to fit the best hikes into two days in Zion National Park. Campsite Information in Zion …